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A business meeting

Do you have a GOOD accountant?

This is my favorite question to ask business owners.

It tells me in an instant where they stand.

Those that do need a new accountant will hesitate. They will pause and think what a good accountant is. They will say things like, "well, I don't think he cuts corners," as if that is the bar for what you should receive from a financial advisor.


When I envision a good accountant, I see a knowledgeable person that is only a phone call away—a trusted voice when you are trying to make a decision. A tactician who helps create your processes so that you don't have any surprises.


A good accountant is more than just numbers. They understand your goals and your lifestyle. A good accountant strives to build the community they live in and helps maintain businesses that are the lifeblood of that community. They have the mind for business but the heart of an entrepreneur opening a shop on Main Street.


A good accountant works for you, not the other way around. How often does your accountant only pop up in your life when they need something. When something is due? A good accountant can foster fresh ideas and has a curious mind.


I know if you have a good accountant right away because you will answer the question: "Oh yes, they are amazing, let me get you their card."

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