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Thrive Accounting, a CPA service in Concord, NH

Know your numbers now to make decisions in an instant!

We believe numbers without meaning are useless. Our mission is to become your trusted business advisor. Ryan and his team are passionate about your success and we take the time to provide a real understanding of the numbers that matter to your small business and personal finances.

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Ryan Poirier, CPA

Ryan Poirier founded Thrive Accounting after being frustrated with how accounting services were being offered in the Granite State. After graduating from Old Dominion University in 2015,  Ryan started working with the New Hampshire department of Revenue. Then, after many discussions with business owners who really wanted to do the right thing but were blocked by the complicated tax structure of this state (and accountants who were constantly unavailable!), he decided to start his own firm to help business owners focus on their passions, not mundane compliance tasks. 

In the first 5 years of business, 80% fail. That is 80% of people’s passions being snuffed out, Ryan wants to change that number and give your idea and passion a fighting chance. You have put a lot of work into perfecting your product, and you are great at that part. That is amazing, but it’s only half the equation. Let us bring the CPA skills to help you master the money side of that equation and make your dream the 20%.

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Personal Accounting Services

Not your typical CPA!

I understand how complicated accounting can be, which is why I strive to make matters as easy as possible. I specialize in many areas of tax preparation, consulting and accounting, and am equipped to handle whatever situations or obstacles you’re facing. Contact me to see how you can start using my accounting services immediately.

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2 Eagle Square Suite 403, Concord, New Hampshire 03301

(603) 420-9303

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Thrive Accounting, LLC an accounting firm that specializes in helping business owners focus on their passions, not mundane compliance tasks. Our mission is to become a trusted business advisor for all local entrepreneurs & small businesses. We offer real understanding of the numbers that matter. Whether you are looking for a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparation, or advisor, we invite you to explore our website, see how our services match your needs.

We look forward to helping your small business Thrive!

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